College years are testing years for students. More major decisions are made during this period than any other time in life. These resolutions whether good or bad will become the foundation of how they live, work and play.

Christian Student Foundation (CSFPA) is a campus ministry organization dedicated to engage Pennsylvania's college and university campuses with God's message of hope in a troubled world. Our purpose is based on a heart felt pledge as commanded by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20 to mentor a generation of young adults asking for help in understanding their world. By engaging the university we involve ourselves with collegians from diverse cultural, social and religious background that are searching for spiritual truth which only God can bestow.

The truth claims of Christianity have been and will continue to be debated in the marketplace of ideas: the classroom, the student union, a quad, the library, an apartment, or even a bus stop. We have discovered that the religious climate on and off campus will tolerate the personal testimony of tomorrow's leaders in government, business, education, science, the military and many other walks in life.

We trust the following pages will reflect God's desire for the campus in what Billy Graham once described as "...the most important mission field in the world.