Internship Positions

Campus Ministry Internships Available:

The Pennsylvania State University - University Park campus

The Pennsylvania State University - Berks campus

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Melon University

Internships Guidelines and Responsibilities

Purpose of Internship:

  • To provide a positive training experience for campus ministry through the development of a philosophy of ministry, skill for ministry, and personal ministry resources.
  • To advance a campus fellowship by involving the intern in supervised pastoral, evangelistic and discipleship work.

Ministry Focus:

The intern will be involved in a variety of activities within the campus fellowship but will focus on two specific areas. The first will be that of evangelism/discipleship and the second will be determined by his/her strengths and gifts.

General Responsibilities:

  • Travel
    • As an intern with CSFPA you will be required to travel throughout the year with your campus ministry representing the fellowship and overall ministry of CSFPA. Public relations with congregations and individuals is extremely important in building a financial base. The number of times on the road will depend on the campus minister supervising your internship.
  • Fundraising
    • Each intern is responsible for raising his/her support for ministry. Depending upon which campus you decide to minister on, there may be certain stipends that will help in your overall efforts. Fund raising will involve:
      (1) Letter writing followed by a phone call to the prospective donor
      (2) Visiting supporting or non-supporting congregations
      (3) Anything else determined to be effective in establishing your financial base.
      Any income raised through you efforts will be applied to your “account”. You may have to secure a part-time job due to the lack of sufficient income. This will be with the approval of the supervising campus minister and the CSFPA Board of Directors.
  • Finances*
    • Living expenses - Depending on which campus you serve, certain living expenses may be covered. An example would be housing provided, but you must cover utilities.
    • Professional expenses - The intern does have an allotment for business expenses. It is important that you keep receipts of all transactions for housing and ministry expenses. You must also send a copy of ministry expenses and copies of your receipts with your monthly reports to CSFPA office (IRS regulations). There will be no city, state, or federal taxes withheld from your twice-a-month paycheck, therefore you will be responsible to set aside a portion of your income to cover those taxes. You will need to use a schedule SE as part of your federal tax return.
    • Projection of expenses worksheet - The intern will be required to fill out a financial expense worksheet to determine projected cost of living expenses. These expenses will include housing, business and personal expenses. The supervising campus minister will work closely with the intern to determine those projected expenses.
  • CSFPA Meetings
    • You will be required to attend the CSFPA Board of Directors meetings. These meetings are opportunities to meet other campus ministers and interns. Other reasons would be to see how the board functions and raise issues and concerns for interns and general fellowship.
  • Ministry Reports
    • Each quarter you will be required to submit a ministry report of the activities of your efforts in furthering the Kingdom of God. These reports should detail progress of your ministry goals, miles traveled, churches visited, decisions for Christ, events within the fellowship, and any other facts you deem important to report on.

* Special Note concerning finances - CSFPA Board of Directors has determined the interns salary is dependent upon personal fund-raising efforts.

CSF Fellowship Responsibilities

Responsibilities within the Fellowship will depend upon the needs as assessed by the campus minister and staff.

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